ONS Delivery Community of Practice

Fran O’Hara worked with the ONS Delivery Community of Practice and the talented Rachel Meese to co-design and deliver an engaging Staff Awayday.

We created a visual map recording the activities of the day, Fran led a sketchnotes training session and also facilititated a session focusing on the vision for the group. Client described the event as ‘exceeding expectations’ and a ‘raoring success’ with Fran’s sketchnote training session receiving a 9 on the excellence scale.

Download the ‘Visual Minutes’ summary report

Using our Visual Maps

• Display the maps – the download images are low resolution, contact us for high quality print costs. We can print at a range of sizes, including wallpaper, also mount on board and laminate.

• Use in PowerPoints to share the event or project

• Edit the maps and use across your communications

• Print large versions and use for consultation and feedback with postits

• Incorporate in display materials such as pullup banners and posters

• Share across your social media platforms