Powerpoint Presentations

Scarlet Design can offer various form of presentation from video to PowerPoint presentations, which allows the user to create slides with not only text but recordings, narrations, music, visuals, illustrations, graphs EY charts and many other features in order to present information in a more engaging way than just a typical text heavy report. Powerpoint presentations are often produced in order to aid a person doing a presentation in person to help them achieve a better level of presentation by making the presentation more engaging. Scarlet Design can help bring this to life by including slides which contain text, characters, moving images and voices.

Scarlet Design encourage our clients to create tools which relate to their presentations to engage the viewer more fully. This could be a map or form which participants fill in, or sections of a workbook that appear on screen. We are also increasingly being asked to create interactive infographic style maps with custom images embedded. Presentations can then be printed into a PDF format for ease of sharing and uploading onto websites, we can create:

  • PowerPoint presentations in Mac or PC format
  • iPad and smartphone format files
  • Interactive tools
  • Infographic maps, interactive or static graphic
  • Short animated infographic maps
  • Video/high resolution films

Creating tools and activities that participants can focus on, and interactive with, during the sessions increases engagement and knowledge retention. These can be digital or hard copy, both formats have proven to be very successful in the appropriate arenas.