NHS Wales National Collaborative Commissioning Unit Projects

Our work with the Collaborative Commissioning Unit ranges from an Annual Report, to infographic style videos, to exhibition
stands and PowerPoints. Different communication tools, with a common aim, of presenting complex information and ideas in a
clear and accessible format.

NHS Wales National Collaborative Frameworks for Adult and CAMHS Mental Health & Learning Disability Hospital Services Annual Report.

Adriana, our Design Director, excels at infographics and data communication. This annual report with a focus on data analysis and communication, provided her with an opportunity to utilise her skills create a great report for our client. We are extremely proud of this valuable report with its 30+ diagrams, bar charts, pie-charts… a masterclass in making numbers accessible.

Certificate design for the innovative NHS Wales Quality Assurance Rating system

Giant certificate design
certificate design


The CAREMORE® team had won awards, built an evidence base and developed the CCAPS (Commissioning Care, Assurance and Performance System) and were ready launch the programme across Wales. We started with the video storyboard, to provide a framework for distilling the wealth of information and applications into a concise narrative. The client had requested an infographic style, which worked well with the complex information we needed to make simple. We used a colour palette of 4 colours and developed a logo to present the brand and strengthen their story.


As two linked programmes, the CCAPS (Commissioning Care, Assurance and Performance System) style had to visually connect to CAREMORE®, and we created a logo badge and introduced a wider colour palette and silhouette style people. Again the client was able to utilise the artworks created for the video across their communications materials.

“Scarlet Design bring real passion for design and a flair for presentation of complex ideas in visually impactful way”

– Client Feedback

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