‘Mental Health & Care in a Crisis’ Event

The event was a collaboration between the National Programme for Unscheduled Care and the Crisis Care Concord at Task and Finish Group for Wales. Attended by representatives of the 4 police forces in Wales and from organisations and citizens who support people in a crisis. Fran created visual minutes recording the presentations. We also designed twenty-four 1m x 1.4m ‘archipelago’ table templates and materials for a participant activity reviewing the current system.

mental health care event
matt wyatt poster design

Matt Wyatt recited a poem ‘Any port in a storm’, then invited each to share 3 Mental Health in a Crisis stories, and record on the templates. The first activity, with mixed groups, resulted in high levels of energy and interaction.

For the second activity we created 4 booths to review each police area’s plans; each with 3 panels 1 x 2m for the groups to capture their ideas.

matt wyatt crisis story group template recording
template recording result

Read our event summary report to see images of all the tablesheet (and how they differ!), the 2 visual maps Fran graphic recorded and data collected.

event summary report
event summary report

“Brilliant support from Fran O’Hara, scarlet design group at the mind cymru hosted health & care in a crisis day”

Super Intendant Alun Morgan, South Wales Police

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